The Inception of Team Super Mike and His Team


Many people inquire about the “Super Mike” and “Team Super Mike” themes. The story is simple. Since 1997, Mike had been serving his clients to the best of his ability and has successfully assisted hundreds of families with their move. During that time, he had been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with his clients, their friends and families and also affiliated businesses.

So in 2005, Mike decided to take the time to ask those advocates their opinion of his performance in an effort to create a theme for his business moving forward. Mike held a meeting and with many ideas at hand, one theme became reoccurring. It was at that time that“Super Mike” was born!

Shortly thereafter, but before the time that Mike revealed and launched the new theme to the public, Mike was meeting with clients who were working with him to purchase a home. As they were writing a contract, their daughter, Lauren, was coloring and creating a card. As Mike was talking to Lauren’s parents she placed her card in front of Mike. What she drew was a picture of Mike and at the bottom of the card were the words, “Super Mike”. Immediately, Mike stopped what he was doing in amazement of what had just occurred. Mike was thrilled that little Lauren had confirmed in her drawing what his clients, friends and family had given to him as an idea for the new theme. Mike believed that this was the ultimate sign!

With great excitement and enthusiasm, we launched “Super Mike” as the official theme and logo in order to accomplish several goals. First, we wanted to catch the attention of anyone looking to consult a real estate agent to fulfill their needs. Secondly, we wanted to stand out from all other agents by having a theme that was both, unique and most importantly, funny. Since launching “Super Mike”, hundreds of calls and hits to the websites have come in. Buyers and sellers have taken a liking to the theme and are calling “Super Mike” to assist them with their real estate and client care needs!

With so much demand, many, many referrals, an outpouring of leads and a tremendous base of repeat clients, Mike decided to build a team. Continuing on with the theme and the tradition, “Team Super Mike” was born! Today, Team Super Mike is a top producing team with full time, full service professionals assisting buyers and sellers in meeting all of their real estate goals!

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